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Tracking #: 13434
Date Submitted: 02/13/2019
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Year: 2017
Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: GLE43
Body: SUV
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Inquiry Type: Welded Panel Operations

Database: CCC

Area of Vehicle: Quarter Panel

Part Name:

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Issue Summary: General Question: Is protect interior and exterior while welding an Included or Not Included operation? Much like mask jambs, masking openings and protecting interior from overspray are considered Not Included when refinishing, I would think that that protecting the vehicle interior and exterior while welding would be considered "Not Included" as well however It is not listed anywhere in the CCC Motors Guide.

Individual Procedure Steps:

Technician Skill Level: Beginner

Actual Time To Complete: 1.0 hours minutes

Suggested Action: Add "Protect Exterior While Welding" and "Protect Interior While Welding" to the Not Included Operations in the CCC Motors Guide.

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