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Tracking #: 15218
Date Submitted: 11/27/2019
Status: Resolved (No IP Change)
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We have reviewed your inquiry with regards to "Cover to protect interior during repair". We consider time to place and remove welding blankets only. Any additional operations are not considered in our guidelines. No changes are warranted at this time.

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Year: 2018
Make: Honda
Model: Pilot
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Inquiry Type: Welded Panel Operations

Database: Audatex

Area of Vehicle: Quarter Panel

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Issue Summary: Page 87 of the Audatex printed P pages states that "Cover to protect interior during repair" is an included operation to replace the quarter panel. I would like to know to what extent is included and how many units are actually allotted to this operation. When we replace the quarter we pre-plastic all of the interior before placing the welding blankets which we also tape for a good seal. Then we remove these blankets and have to clean and restore for the next job, remove all plastic before it goes to the paint side where they once again recover if necessary.

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Actual Time To Complete: hours minutes

Suggested Action: Need to know actual hours allotted to operation per the labor report

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