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Tracking #: 16333
Date Submitted: 05/19/2020
Status: Resolved (No IP Change)
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Estimated Release Date: Closed Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated: Per latest OEM information, this part has been discontinued and can be purchased as a bulk roll of 3M cut to fit guard. MOTOR feedback: Callout 11 in the image is correctly listed as Stone Guard (clear stone guard) PN RH FL3Z99292A22A & LH FL3Z99292A23A which is shows as discontinued from the current price tape. The “Black plastic stone guard” is listed as callout 7 in the image and the part numbers are correct as RH FL3Z99292A22BA & LH FL3Z99292A23BA. The provided screenshot of the black plastic guard and part number seems to match our data. The part numbers are close, but the black plastic guard as an extra letter on the end. The clear stone guard is listed correctly as callout 11 and the black plastic guard (front edge of pickup box) is listed as callout 7. Thank you, CCC Database Support Team CCC Information Services Inc. vision for the road ahead™

Vehicle Information
Year: 2016
Make: Ford
Model: F150
Body: Pickup
Database Inquiry

Inquiry Type: Parts

Database: CCC

Area of Vehicle: Pick Up Box

Part Name: Stone Shield/Protector

Part Description: Clear Stone Shield on leading edge of Wheel Flare on vehicles equipped with Flares

OEM Part Number: RT - FL3Z99292A22-A LT - FL3Z00292A23-A

Issue Summary: This part is shown in the database for 8' Bed only & has a "D" indicating a discontinued part. This part appears to be used on all length beds if equipped with flares. Part is not discontinued from the manufacturer

Suggested Action: Please correct the database to show this part for all bed lengths. Correct the image to show the shield beside the Flare in the illustration & remove the "D" since this part is readily available

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