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Tracking #: 16338
Date Submitted: 05/20/2020
Status: Resolved (DEG Response)
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Thank you for your inquiry. Confirmed with Mitchell. "apply toner to let down panel" and "apply clear to let down panel" would only be included in the same booth cycle operation when painting the vehicle. Any steps done outside of the vehicle refinish operation (secondary equipment set up, cleaning , mixing material/ products, setting up let down panel etc ) would be an on the spot evaluation.

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Year: 2017
Make: Toyota
Body: SUV
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Inquiry Type: Refinish Operations

Database: Mitchell

Area of Vehicle:

Issue Summary: 2 questions. 1. Is the entirety of the letdown panel labor included in the refinish set up tri-stage. 2. Is any of the let down panel included when done as a seperate operation.

Special Labor or Material Considerations:

Estimated Part Surface Area: square inches

Suggested Action: Clarify Let Down Panel as included or Not inlcuded.

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