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Tracking #: 16512
Date Submitted: 06/30/2020
Status: Resolved (No IP Change)
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Estimated Release Date: Closed Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated: After review of the Front Door group, Door & Components subgroup it has been determined that the estimated work time of 6.8 hours is appropriate. Please note; MOTOR Estimated Work Times are not developed by grouping or adding several standalone operations into one single time. When replacing two or more components, the duplication of included labor procedures is known as overlap. When a labor overlap condition exists, less time is required to replace adjoining components collectively than is required when they are replaced individually. MOTOR feedback: OEM service procedures should be followed for the list of items that need to be removed when replacing an Outer Panel. The MOTOR Guide To Estimating should be referenced for a list of included and not included operations during the time the estimate is created. Any part or operation not listed by the OEM service procedure, MOTOR Guide To Estimating or footnotes should be considered after an on-the-spot evaluation. MOTOR does not list procedural steps in footnotes. While MOTOR acknowledges that shortcuts are possible for virtually every operation, MOTOR times and correlating inclusions are based on OEM recommendations.

Vehicle Information
Year: 2017
Make: Ram
Model: 1500
Body: Pickup
Database Inquiry

Inquiry Type: Welded Panel Operations

Database: CCC

Area of Vehicle: Front Door

Part Name: Outer Panel

Part Number: 68144728AE

Issue Summary: This request is for door skin replacement in general . Most door outer skin replacements do not provide enough labor . This VIN for example . An outer panel allows 6.8 , a new shell allows 4.7 . To replace the door skin the exact same amount of work is done to the door as a door replacement . So lets start the skin with a base of 4.7 . Which leaves 2.1 to grind hem flanges around the door , remove outer skin , grind and smooth shell for new skin . remove e coat from new skin , attach new skin and align to body of vehicle for fit . Apply and attach skin to shell with panel bond , roll hem flange around door shell , once dry apply seam sealer around the hem flange , add antiflutter or OEM recommendation to intrusion beam, weld spots required by manufacturer , apply corrosion protection . sand and fill any warped areas of skin . all of the items show to be included in outer panel replacement , for 2.1 ?

Individual Procedure Steps:

Technician Skill Level: Advanced

Actual Time To Complete: 8 hours 30 minutes

Suggested Action: increase all door skin replacement times . Using door shell replacement as the starting point for skin replacement . A skin replacement requires the door to be gutted as if the shell was being replaced .

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