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Tracking #: 16513
Date Submitted: 06/30/2020
Status: Resolved (No IP Change)
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Estimated Release Date: Closed Proposed Resolution: MOTOR stated: After review of the concern, the estimated work time applied to the Wheel Opening Molding is for installation only. Note: The Wheel Opening Molding is standard equipment on the S-Line and SQ5 model Bumper Covers. MOTOR only lists the Wheel Opening Moldings in those bumper groups. The estimated work time is for installation only and is included with R&R and Overhaul. The estimated work times applied to the Bumper Covers are appropriate.

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Year: 2017
Make: Audi
Model: Q5
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Inquiry Type: Non-Welded Panel Operations

Database: CCC

Area of Vehicle: Rear Bumper

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Issue Summary: rear bumper wheel opening moldings 8r0853828c4u8 is not a stand part and is held on with adhesive/ double side tape. If replacing the bumper cover which allows 3.5 hrs (Same as o/h) there is no need to physically remove the wheel opening molding since part is being replaced. Otherwise if part is being reused the technician must carefully remove the part. Please define if the removal of part falls into the same category of adhesive body side moldings where labor is only inclusive of being installed on the vehicle and time does NOT include to remove and save the part.

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Actual Time To Complete: hours minutes

Suggested Action: please define part is NOT INCLUDED for removal if needed or change the labor of INCLUDING it in bumper r/r or overhaul since there is NOT always a case when replacing the bumper the molding would be removed as it would simply be replaced by installing new ones only.

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