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Tracking #: 16562
Date Submitted: 07/13/2020
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The Hem Flange is not considered the Welded Seam. Therefore repairing any damage outside the welded seam is NOT INCLUDED with Audatex provided refinish values.

Vehicle Information
Year: 2020
Make: Lexus
Model: LS500
Body: Sedan
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Inquiry Type: Non-Welded Panel Operations

Database: Audatex

Area of Vehicle: Quarter Panel

Part Name: Quarter Panel

Part Number:

Issue Summary: Audatex Labor exclusions state "Replace labor does not include additional labor to repair the replaced panel and or adjacent panels which may become distorted, burned or damaged by welding, drilling, grinding and straightening." When replacing a welded panel, The replacement panel will now require REPAIR to installed panel at the rolled hem flange as well as the welded seam into the existing part of the vehicle. Is Prime and Block now considered an on the spot evaluation for "repaired areas" on the replaced panel?

Individual Procedure Steps:

Technician Skill Level: Advanced

Actual Time To Complete: 2 hours minutes

Suggested Action: Since audatex states they do not define a linear measurement on a welded panel replacement for prime and block, is the repaired areas of the welded panel replaced now considered an on the spot evaluation vs being included in the welded panel replacement time?

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