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Date Submitted: 03/09/2021
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Resolution: We have reviewed the current OEM information for the EXTENSION,FRONT FRAME (GN 1334/1335). The EXTENSION,FRONT FRAME (GN 1334/1335) labor allowance is ok as it is. All necessary operations have been considered in accordance with OEM service information and Audatex internal guidelines. In accordance with the Audatex Database Reference Manual, the labor allowance includes normal adjustment and alignment for correct fit and any duplicated effort is not included. Audatex refinish guidelines for this piece are for refinishing the complete part as welded parts will have burn marks, and will always need to be refinished when they are replaced. Feather, Prime and Block operations are only included for exposed welds on exterior panels. No change warranted at this time

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Year: 2021
Make: Jeep
Model: wrangler
Body: SUV
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Inquiry Type: Procedure Page Issue

Database: Audatex

Area of Vehicle: Frame

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Issue Summary: 1.5 hours to replace the frame rail extension as a stand alone operation is not sufficent. Nothing included in the rail extension would even be considered in the same process during a collision repair process as the frame rail requires a complete separate operation away from the initial dissesembly. Per the FCA/MOPAR instructions, they make no mentions of having to perform the included operations, so we feel any r/i to gain access for this specific component should be an on the spot judgement to add on. Once all the bolt on parts are removed, It takes approx 5.5 hours to properly remove the damaged parts, grind out all the weldmements that are inside the sleeved portion of the frame it self. We must then prepare the welding areas and align the frame part using a 3 dimensional measuring system to hold it into place in the correct spec's. Once the rail extension is held in place, we then need to TACK weld the part in place, then go back and stitch weld all around the weld and clean up the weld joint up to 150g. Once the joint is cleaned to 150g, we will then need to prime and block the joint in the immeadiate welded seam (which audatex states is included in the 1.5 hours). After prime and block of the welded seam is complete, then the preparation to bring the frame to new and undamaged ready for refinish and additional corrosion protection needs to be done. Metal is approx 4mm thick and HSS. The cutting of the damaged portion is a time consuming process especially since its sleeved inside the rail and the removal of the inner area is limited with tooling due to size of the opening. Additionally, Rail Ext only allows .3 Refinish.

Suggested Action: please confirm labor to repl r.f. rail ext part Increase the actual rail extension to 5.5 hrs stand alone or 7 hrs if including the prime and block part of this process. Define if additional labor is not included to set up some sort of holding jig to secure the rail in the correct position is not included in the "Align to fit", Clarify if .3 for the rail refinish is for the full component or strictly for the welded seam only? The entire part needs to be sanded and coated. .3 is not enough to perform this operation.

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