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Tracking #: 17936
Date Submitted: 03/12/2021
Status: Resolved (IP Change)
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Resolution: We have reviewed the current OEM information for the PAN,FLOOR (GN 0588) . The PAN, FLOOR (GN 0588) labor allowance has changed from 5.0 hours to 6.4 hours,. The labor time does not include the time for removal of seam sealer. All labor times are before any option conditioning and/or overlap considerations. The change will appear in the April 2021 release

Vehicle Information
Year: 2020
Make: Nissan
Model: Versa
Body: Sedan
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Inquiry Type: All Other

Database: Audatex

Issue Summary: Replacing the front floor center body time. The body time is 5hrs and there is seam sealer that needs removed and 160 spot welds that need cut out then re-welded in. Part # G43105EEMA

Individual Procedure Steps: Remove seam sealer and cut 160 spot welds out then spot weld 160 new ones.

Actual Time To Complete: 12 hours 0 minutes

Suggested Action: Update the body replace time.

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