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Tracking #: 18075
Date Submitted: 03/30/2021
Status: Resolved (No IP Change)
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Resolution: We have reviewed the current OEM information for the DOOR SHELL,FRONT (GN 0207/ 0208). The DOOR SHELL,FRONT (GN 0207/0208) labor allowance is ok as it is. Audatex labor time only includes reasonable adjustment for correct fitting. Seam sealer application time is included in any piece that the OEM service requires, per the OEM service information we have not added this time for the DOOR SHELL,FRONT (GN 0207/0208) as its is not mentioned. No change warranted at this time.

Vehicle Information
Year: 2019
Make: Toyota
Body: Pickup
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Inquiry Type: Parts

Database: Audatex

Area of Vehicle: Front Door


Part Description: LT FRONT DOOR

OEM Part Number: 6700204200

Issue Summary: 3.8 Hrs to replace door shell including all parts and trims and Seam Sealer to obtain water tight seal. Looking at Labor Report, breakdown shows insufficent labor 2.5 to O/H door. Labor report does not identify speakers mounted in door to transfer, wiring inside door. WHere do these become included? Additionally door has small clips,grommets, brackets that need to be transfered from the original shell to the new shell. Is the labor to transfer these small clips, grommets, brackets, seals, plugs included? When installing new door, we need to perform additional adjustments by "tweaking" door shell at the upper frame or spooning the door against the fender/ back door / adjacent parts to ensure correct fit and flush. Additional labor needed to loosen striker and hinges to get correct fitment of replacement shell. Lastly Chipguard application needs clarification.

Suggested Action: Total time to replace door shell with transfer and replacing new components took technician 5.8 hours plus additional labor to set up seam sealer equipment, material. Since application to create water tight seal is only included, just this process takes .3. Please clarify in the labor report where the seam sealer application time is included in which process? O/H process is strictly for the components, and the r/i is for the shell remove and isntall. Additionally wiring is factored. Into which specific compoentnt. Non of the labor in the report could possibly include the wiring based on the allowances provided. Additionally, speakers, clips, grommets, plugs, seals, are not showing in the report Additional adjustment to new shell by hinge/ striker position. Spooning/ tweaking of the shell to adjacent parts. Is that part of "align to fit"? Chip guard, does that include to mask the rolled edge? does that include to "knock down" the texture after application ? Seam Sealer to replicate the oem look. is that included specifically in the shell R/R time with seam sealer being included for water tight seal?

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