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Date Submitted: 07/08/2021
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Resolution: Per the DBRM Section 4-2 Labor Exclusions, Replace labor does not include additional labor to repair the replaced panel and/or adjacent panels which may become distorted, burned, or damaged by welding, drilling, grinding and straightening." Regarding the additional question, insufficient information has been provided. We are a third party information provider. Additional RFR Feedback regarding DBRM page 153 Section "Interior/ Exterior metal" "We have reviewed the DBRM section INTERIOR/EXTERIOR METAL. This section is in reference to the application of masking to protect interior/exterior surfaces. The language in this section does not indicate instructions regarding refinishing components, nor does it indicate which components do or do not require refinishing."

Vehicle Information
Year: 2019
Make: Tesla
Model: MODEL 3
Body: Sedan
Database Inquiry

Inquiry Type: Refinish Operations

Database: Audatex

Area of Vehicle: Pillars, Rocker And Floor

Issue Summary: State Farm adjuster states that language in DBRM Section 4-4 page 153. "Most interior parts requiring refinish are covered with finish panels, carpets, and trims and, as such, are not usually seen." State Farm states that statement means no refinish work should be done on the interior of the vehicle where the weld burn damage is caused. They believe applying a primer and replicating the original appearance is necessary as per Audatex.

Special Labor or Material Considerations: Added masking to protect interiors in regard to inner areas of the vehicle to refinish the areas covered up by trims

Estimated Part Surface Area: 15-18 feet square inches

Suggested Action: Does Audatex support State Farm adjusters representation that Non visible areas do NOT need to be painted beyond applying a primer over the burned metal? Does Audatex agree the vehicle should not be returned back to pre loss accident/ repair condition leaving welded areas in primer only? This is what State Farm adjuster believes is set by Audatex DBRM. Is the adjuster incorrectly deciphering the DBRM and deviating from the logic when they do not want to apply a manual refinish entry to the adjacent panels that are damaged as a result of grinding, welding, cutting?

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1. 1 A pillar burnt.jpg

2. 1 Apiller inner Flange burnt.jpg

3. 1 B-Pillar inner flange burnt front door opening .jpg

4. 1 Inner rocker burnt.jpg

5. 1 Welds to lower rocker, BURNT body side flange.jpg

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